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No case, no evidence, did not win ... The us solicit Colombia to help!

Having lost the extradition case, the United States government made the government of Colombia write a letter to the government of Thailand begging to allow the extradition of Victor Bout to the United States. That is right, Colombia is asking Thailand to extradite Victor to the US by trying to put the FARC on trial.

The tactics that was used by the United States government to gain the dismissal of the case brought against the Bush administration by Richard Chichakli, is now being used again as a final attempt to force Thailand to extradite Victor to the US.  In the case of Chichakli, as the US government failed to prove any wrongdoing against Richard they tried to place Victor on trial instead by filing 1,000 page of invented stories about Victor Bout.   Now, and at the order of the United States government Colombia is being used to turn the extradition hearing of Victor Bout to a trial for FARC by officially "begging" the government of Thailand, on behalf of the US government, to accept the US request for extradition and filing 300 pages of documents related to its own affairs with the FARC. 

We have always said this case is nothing but politics, and this is yet another set of evidence to affirm that this is a political case. The US government lied in everything it alleges against Victor and the lies were exposed after the US failed to show evidence. Who could have imagine that Colombia will be pimping for the United States?  The "confidential" letter signed by the Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs is here in English and Spanish for your amusement.


The US government is so desperate to block facts, they ordered Google to block this website!

As a last resort to conceal and obscure facts in and about the matter of Victor Bout, the United States government ordered Google to block access to this website from within the search result in Google search.  We are delighted to see this happening because it provide us, yet with another proof that this case is nothing more than US political conspiracy.

What's New! 

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